Our Moment

It's a new day for Hattiesburg.

Toby Barker is a mayor for all of Hattiesburg.

When he ran for mayor, bringing our city together was a primary goal. He believes that Hattiesburg is at its best when we walk together with shared vision and mutual trust.

He translated that belief into action when he took office. He listened to the people, holding over 40 town hall meetings in just over two years. He worked collaboratively with the City Council working to invest in infrastructure for neighborhoods across the city. He helped win public support for a school bond renewal and a new 1-cent sales tax for parks. He fought for state and federal funding to build two railway overpasses, new sidewalks and improved roadways.

The city has achieved a great deal in four years. More importantly, there is a new spirit in Hattiesburg, one characterized by hope, optimism and cooperation. 

Still, we face uncertain days ahead. COVID-19 has disrupted many things we love about our city. While challenges associated with the pandemic still remain, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

These critical times require serious leadership.

They require people who will lead from the front; who will surround themselves with good and honest people; who will make decisions based on facts and stand by them; and who will fix past mistakes while focusing us all on a positive future.

Hattiesburg has limitless potential. But potential alone has a shelf life.

We cannot rest idly or settle for status quo. We cannot coast or simply go through the motions. If we do, we fail to ensure that the next generation will inherit an even more amazing city than we now enjoy.

We ask you to join us in securing that positive future by re-electing Toby Barker as Mayor of Hattiesburg.

We ask you to make this election a conversation that is honest yet positive and productive.

We ask you to join us in writing even more exciting chapters in Hattiesburg’s story.