A vision we can believe in.

As Mayor, Toby Barker will seek to unite all neighborhoods around a shared vision for our city.

He will work collaboratively to address the challenges Hattiesburg faces. Using best practices and data driven solutions, he will lead from proactively lead from the front.


Education must become a community value again. It will take the combined effort and commitment of the City of Hattiesburg, the Hattiesburg Public School District, our faith-based community, our non-profits and our private sector to maximize student success. Toby Barker will:

  • Work to leverage every state and local resource to maximize access to early learning opportunities
  • Promote mentoring involvement among local business leaders and retirees
  • Foster an effective summer jobs program to provide work opportunities and skill development among high school students
  • Support our superintendent’s push for evidence based programs throughout HPSD


Whether roads, water quality or wastewater capacity, Hattiesburg must make bold moves if it intends to support investment and revitalization across Hattiesburg. There must also be equity in these investments so that no neighborhood is neglected or left behind. Toby Barker will:

  • Set bold and achievable goals for infrastructure replacement
  • Work with the City Council to prioritize streets and water/wastewater replacement in annual budgets
  • Develop and stick to an overall infrastructure plan that addresses immediate and long-term needs

Customer Service

Our city institutions and employees must be equipped to consistently provide the highest customer service to city residents. Every interaction between city government and an individual is an opportunity to remind residents why they chose to live in Hattiesburg. Toby Barker will:

  • Improve response time and follow up on calls to the City Action Line
  • Foster better citizen engagement through overall use of social media, neighborhood meetings and door-to-door canvassing. We will meet, listen and respond to people in whichever means most appropriate to the individual. Public service will be personal.
  • Push the city to be smarter and more tech savvy through innovative payment technology options